“Last September, we got a call from a customer who absolutely needed a 5” Oak for immediate transplant. As you know, this simply doesn’t work: The leaves wilt and drop quickly, making the long term health of the plant uncertain, at best.

We decided that this was the perfect opportunity to put Nature Shield, a new product we got from Listerman, to the test. We watered the tree thoroughly to be certain that it was very well-hydrated. We sprayed the 5” Oak with Nature Shield and let it rest overnight. We dug it the next day, again with no signs of wilting or other potential damage.

The tree was shipped to the customer and transplanted to its new home immediately. Again, after transplantation, there were absolutely no signs of any negative effects on the Oak tree. We actually waited until this spring to make our final assessment and the 5” Oak transplant with Nature Shield bloomed beautifully this spring.

Since then, we’ve used Nature Shield several more times and have always wound up with the same great results. We feel like Nature Shield has the potential to revolutionize the idea of deciduous summer digging and transplantation. Imagine the impact on your bottom line, of being able to continue selling throughout the summer and fall. We highly recommend that you call Listerman and put Nature Shield to work in your nursery.

Brian Lewis
Lewis Bros. Tree Farm