Tree Guard

Year after year, the vast majority of nursery owners find themselves at mercy of Mother Nature, when it comes to protecting their plant inventories. It’s estimated that nurseries can lose up to 30% of their salable inventories every year, due to damage from Deer, Sapsuckers, Sun Scald and a variety of mechanical equipment.

Tree Guard is the perfectly engineered solution to combat these problems. We quietly test-marketed the product last fall in several locations and the results were unanimous: Tree Guard virtually eliminates the problems and ends the costly cycle of unnecessarily losing assets. Consider the positive financial impact of adding another 20-30% of inventory to your annual sales.

Tree Guard is strong, lightweight and UV resistant for 10 years and, it installs easily. Tree Guard saves you time and money. If you are on a 4 or 5 year planting cycle, the security of Tree Guard protection will literally require an investment of only pennies per year.

Nature Shield

Imagine being able to continue digging and transplanting your deciduous plant inventory for several months longer than you do now. This capability can have a significant impact on growing your customer base and dramatically increasing your annual revenue.

The product that delivers on this promise is Nature Shield. It is a proprietary, Level 1 Anti-transpirant that was developed by scientists from Oregon State University. Nature Shield has been used with great success – for several years now – throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Listerman has entered into an exclusive agreement to distribute Nature Shield in an eight state region within in the Midwest. Best of all, it’s very easy to apply:

  • Water the plant well the night before applying Nature Shield.
  • Spray the plant thoroughly and let it rest overnight.
  • With no re-application, the desired effects will last approximately three weeks.
  • At any point, you can feel free to dig your plants and transplant them.

Now, with Nature Shield, you can safely extend your digging and transplanting for months. The product is also used to protect plants from unexpected extreme hot and cold spells. Landscape Contractors are also using Nature Shield to protect their plantings on job sites where frequent delays can occur and threaten their inventories.